Chogoria - Sirimon

Kibo Slopes Mountain Treks, Chogoria-Sirimon Kibo Slopes Mountain Treks, Chogoria-Sirimon

Tour Highlights

Chogoria- Sirimon, is the most popular routes for trekking Mt Kenya as trekkers get to discover the two dramatic sides of the mountain. Apart from conquering Point Lenana at (4895m), the spectacular Lake Michaelson, in between the gorges makes a highlight of this tour.

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Itinerary Details

Day 1
We depart from Nairobi at 7.00am latest and drive to Chogoria. Here, special Land Rovers will be waiting to take us to the Meru Mt. Kenya Bandas (3000m). The 30km drive to the bandas is quite challenging as the driver manoeuvers through the muddy pools and slippery surface. We may even have to cover some distance on foot. A picnic lunch awaits us at the bandas before embarking on a 2 hour hike to the road head camp at 3300m. Dinner and overnight stay in tents will be at a well set fly camp next to a small river.

Day 2
After breakfast, we start the day’s hike on a 12km stretch along a ridge with a spectacular view of Lake Michaelson in the Gorge Valley below. The hike will take us close to Minto’s Hut and the Hall Tarns, where we take a lunch break. A short but steep descend takes us to the 250m lower floor of the Gorge Valley. We set camp on the arguably most scenic spot on Mt. Kenya at the shores of Lake Michaelson. While the cook prepares dinner, we stroll around the lake shores. Overnight stay will once again be in tents.

Day 3
Today’s hike is a little shorter and taking us along the Gorge Valley towards Point Lenana. The terrain gradually gets steeper and finally we ascend a ridge and get to the Simba Tarn (4600m). We have left all the vegetation behind and Lenana, tomorrows challenge, towers above us. We enjoy our dinner while marveling at the spectacular views of Nelion and Batian. Overnight stay will once again be in tents.

Day 4
An Early breakfast will be served at 5.00am before starting off on the summit challenge. The trail leads via a steep screed to the Simba Cole and further to Point Lenana (4895m). After taking our summit photos at sun rise,marveling at the views over the plains and the main peaks of Batian and Nellion opposite us, we descend via Simba Cole to the Shipton’s Camp. Here, we will take a break and rest before we proceed downwards for another 15km to Old Moses Camp. We enjoy our dinner and take a well-deserved overnight rest.

Day 5
After breakfast, we descend on a 9km hike to the Sirimon Gate where our Safari vehicles will be waiting. After bidding our mountain crew goodbye it is time for a drive back to Nairobi or proceed with our onward destination.

  • Tour Days: 5
  • Departure: Departures daily minimum.
  • Difficulty: Difficulty
  • Price Guide:
    No of PeoplePrice in USD
    1pax $1,705/=
    2pax$ 1,337/=
    3pax $ 1,232/=
    4pax $ 1,179/=
    6pax and more$1,074/=
  • Important:
    Climbers must be prepared to walk for up to 8 hours a day and on the day of the Lenana crossover, for up to 12 hours.
    Crampons may be useful during the rainy season.
    Climbers must bring along their own climbing gear.

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