Guided Tours

Guided Tours

East Africa is home to unrivalled attractions for an unforgettable tour. Our guided tours allow you to experience the best of East Africa exclusively in small groups at an affordable price with an expert guide. Our fixed itinerary and departure dates afford you ample time to plan and organize for the trip of your choice


2017 Kenya Safari with Joan McNaughton

Kenya has been a Safari destination for decades and now you have a chance to experience its beautiful attractions. This tour will expose you to the fantastic wildlife in Massai Mara, the beautiful Lake Naivasha…

  • Kenya

2017 Tanzania Safari with Joan McNaughton

This safari combines exceptional wildlife viewing and bird life watching in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. You will get to see the “endless plains” of Serengeti and maybe experience some action of lions hunting the gazelles.…

  • Tanzania

2017 Kenya Wildlife Safari with Joe Marino

Kenya has been the authentic Safari destination for decades. With limitless opportunities for wildlife photography this 12-day photography safari unravels in Kenya’s renowned Maasai Mara and Samburu Game Reserves. Witnessing the legendary Great Migration makes…

  • Kenya

Ethiopia - Where Scenery, Culture and History melt into one great Journey!

Experience Ethiopia’s bursting religious and cultural attractions on this spectacular tour through the rock hewn churches of Lalibella to the Omo Valley tribes and the fascinating Konso Kingdom. This tour offers unforgettable cultural experience. Tour…

  • Ethiopia

Kenya off the beaten tracks

This unique tour takes you to most beautiful places in Kenya off the beaten track and partly on foot. You not only get to experience the generous hospitality of the Kenyan people but also encounter…

  • Kenya

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